Westside: Drum Room (location map)
Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
01/17/18 - 03/14/18 (9 weeks)

(for babies up to 8 months)

These classes are a one-semester introduction to the Music Together® program before entering a mixed-age class. Music activities such as finger play, lap songs, and songs without words are designed especially for newborns and non-movers. You’ll learn how to musically interact with your baby and really listen to the sounds they are making. We’ll show you that your baby really isn’t crying – she’s singing!

For those movers or babies who are 8 months and older, a mixed age setting may be a better fit.

Upcoming Meetings
02/28/18    12:30 PM Wednesday 02/28/18 12:30 PM
03/07/18    12:30 PM Wednesday 03/07/18 12:30 PM
03/14/18    12:30 PM Wednesday 03/14/18 12:30 PM