Music & Fun in the Summer Sun Camp 2017

Is your Musical Bean ready for a “big kid” musical challenge?

Has your Music Together® graduate been missing the free musical expression of our music-making circle and wants to come back for more?

Have you wondered about your child’s musical “next steps” and would like to try their hand at learning an instrument?

Then our Music & Fun in the Summer Sun Camps are the perfect place for your mini-musician to be.



August 8-11 
August 21-24

Our colourful mornings will be filled with making Music Together “Big Kids” style, followed by games, crafts and fun physical activities like TaeKwonDo, Zumba Kids, Hip Hop, and KidsYoga. And as if that weren’t enough, each day we will feature a guest musician that will introduce your child to a new musical instrument for him/her to experience and try.




July 24-28

In addition to the games, crafts and physical activities your child will get to enjoy throughout the week, the BEST thing about this camp is that the freedom and creativity of the Big Kids Music Together class will be kicked up 1000 notches with the added musical challenge of learning how to play some of the songs on the ukulele! We will teach your child the most basic fundamentals of this easy-to-learn, fun-to-play instrument so they can accompany themselves while they sing and be a Music Together ROCK STAR!! (Ukulele rental is included in the price)