COVID-safe Classroom Protocols & Expectations

Before registering for a COVID-safe In-Person Music Together® Class, please read over the following safety protocols and classroom expectations. Full compliance is mandatory, so be sure to be honest with yourself about how they resonate with you and your family.

 Musical creativity, expression and community connection in a Music Together class comes alive when everyone in the circle feels safe, so here's what you can expect from your  COVID-safe In-Person Music Together class :

  •  a reduced class size of 6-8 children with a 1:1 parent/child ratio and 1 instructor
  • each class will form an exclusive cohort (so no guests, demos, make-ups or instructor substitutes)
  • strict sanitization practices (including hand sanitization and common area surface sanitization) before and after class
  • each family will receive an individual family instrument basket and each classroom will be supplied with an days-worth of instruments  (so no community-shared or "cleaned between class" instruments)
  • MANDATORY MASKS FOR EVERYONE 4 YEARS AND OLDER (Children with special needs will be the ONLY allowed exemption. There will be NO adult exemptions granted)
  • strict social distancing rules for everyone 4 years and older (visually aided by demarcated "family zones")
  • DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE social distancing rules for children younger than 4yo. (We kindly ask that our classroom communities work together in gently guiding all the children in the class to stay 2m apart, but please recognize that maintaining proper social distance is an unrealistic expectation for our littler ones. We cannot discourage the younger children in our class from moving freely throughout the classroom, so please check in with your comfort level on that).
  • scheduled 30 minute gaps between classes to allow for common-area surface sanitation and non-congested traffic flow
  • all of our in-person instructors will undergo COVID testing every 2 weeks throughout the semester
  • should your instructor need to self-isolate for any reason, your class will move online until she can return to you in person. There will be no in-person instructor substitutions
  • all families will be required to read and sign our COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver prior to their first class (please download, print, sign and bring to your first class)
  • all class attendees 4 years and older will have to answer the government-issued COVID-19 Symptoms Daily Checklist before arriving to class each week
  • if at any time should gathering in-person pose a government-issued public health risk, your class will be moved online in lieu of a refund.

If you are comfortable with these "new normal" In-Person Music Together Classroom Protocols & Expectations then you're all set to join one of our in-person Classes

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