"Bridge the Gap" Online Semester Registration

Thank you for virtually inviting us into the safety of your home and letting the *magic* of Music Together® help get your family through this unprecedented time of uncertainty. We promise to make the sweetest lemonade out of these lemons! <3

In addition to our beloved Mixed-age Family Classes, our "Bridge the Gap" Online Semester also features Grandparent Classes and Big Kids Classes to meet the needs of each family (click HERE for more details).

PLUS!! thanks to the online platform - no matter where you live - be it across the street, across the province, across the country or even across the globe! - grandparents, cousins and friends can register for the same class and meet up every week to make Music Together!


  •  a weekly 45mins interactive online Music Together class via a ZOOM screen reserved for the ENTIRE FAMILY (even the pets!)
  • a digital access code to download the "Maracas" Song Collection from the Music Together website or "Hello Everybody" App
  • access to our ZOOM platform for a private "after-class visit" with participating family and friends
  • unlimited Make-up Classes
  • a Facebook livestream Parent Education Evening

If you are registering for a Family Mixed-Age Class:

  • each registration reserves a ZOOM screen for the ENTIRE FAMILY - so enter a paid registration for one child and then register each additional child as a FREE SIBLING (so that each child's name appears on our attendance sheet)

If you are registering for a Grandparents Class:

  • each registration reserves a ZOOM screen for the home of the grandchildren AND the grandparents, so be sure to share your ZOOM link with your family's Grandparents

Let's make some beautiful Music Together to "Bridge the Gap" while we FLATTEN THE CURVE!