Parent Brags

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your community. We are so grateful for the time we spend together, the fun we have and for your kind words. 

~Jodi and the Music Together of the Northern Lights Team 


Thank you to Allison for being such a great teacher. She is always smiling and upbeat, and my boys and I love her classes. We have been with her for over a year, both in St Albert and Riverbend, and will truly miss her come the fall.

Alison B

Thank you so much for encouraging and supporting Madelyn’s growth over the past two semesters. She has learned so much from Music Together® and it is all because of a wonderful teacher like you who understands her personality, meets her where she’s at and encourages her to try new things. I am so grateful that we found you!

Laura C

My Grankids both love Miss Sue and her classes. They are as eager to get there as much as I am every Friday. Thank You Miss Sue for making our day so special!

Brenda M

I cannot explain how wonderful it has been participating in Keri's Wednesday music class! This is our second semester with Music Together. Keri has a wonderful way of engaging each kid and changing her method depending on the child's personality. She really seems to want to know the kids. It's been exciting to watch my son blossom in her class. As a parent, I've also really appreciated the education she adds in while still playing music for the kids. Her explanations make me feel like I have a better understanding of the "whys". Also, she gave us homework to listen to the Music Together CD - and lovingly pushed us to actually listen to it! - it has made a big difference both inside and outside of class. My son loves listening to the CD in the car. Lastly, the harp is beautiful! What a wonderful opportunity for my son to see and hear the harp. Keri shows great talent to be able to play the harp and lead us in singing, while simultaneously engaging and paying attention to the little ones. She then encourages the children to explore the instrument at the end of class. Very cool! I am so impressed with Keri's class and I am looking forward to registering my son in her class again.

Emily C

My granddaughter and I were at Keri's class today and really enjoyed it. The harp is also quite fabulous - How often do kids get to see that? When Keri introduced herself to us she could see that Nora is a timid, shy girl. Because everything in the class was new and different Nora clung to me for the first while. Eventually she began to warm up and clap and smile,etc. On our way home in the car she said very quietly, from the backseat, "I really like Keri, the teacher". I agree.

Jana Lindberg

Colton has been making a circle motion with his arms since we left that class. I figured out that when he does that he wants to sing 'Roll Over.' This may not be a big deal to some but for me it is amazing because my non verbal almost 3 year old son is communicating with me. I really enjoyed Marcus class as there is a calmness that I believe makes Colton feel happy.


I appreciated the quick transitions between songs as they really held the kids' attention. Sue also has a very "dynamic personality" so the kids really focus on her. The bare room is also wonderful as it creates little distraction.


I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we've loved our Music Together class, and especially our teacher, Collette. She is awesome, both as a teacher and a facilitator of rambunctious toddler gatherings. She knows the music really well, and moves through her "set" really smoothly every week, even though it changes each time. She's awesome with the kids, and encourages them to have fun. And I'm not sure how she does it, but she never forgets a kid's name, even momentarily.
She's really a credit to your program, and I think you should give her a raise!

Karen Gabert

We originally heard about the class through another MOM at Spruce Grove Library, who by the way she and her kids also attend and they have ALL become great friends ! we love the Spruce Grove class with Geneva and we miss JODI too!

Brenda N

I think this will be our fourth or fifth session! Obviously, we love it! Geneva is the most wonderful teacher. I feel so lucky that she was Oliver's first "music teacher"! Our whole family has gained so much from the Music Together program. Please keep it up.

Sandra R

I would just like to put in a good word about Sue. She is an amazing instructor and my children love her classes. I've been taking Music Together for almost every session for the last 4 years because the kids keep asking to take Sue's class.

Pamela R

I wanted to thank Jodi so much for selflessly holding her St. Albert classes on family day. It was such an awesome experience to be amongst so many parents, babies, kids and extended family creating music together. As a relative newcomer to St. Albert I have to say that Music Together has provided my family with the community that we've been desperately missing.
Jodi, you have a tremendous gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Joanna, Schaun and Isla

I would just like to comment on my experience in this class. This will be our third time registering (all 3 times with Sue) and we absolutely LOVE Sue. She does an amazing job teaching the kids and we could not ask for a better experience. Thank you so much all that you do :)


Amy W

Ive been going to Music together for 3 years now, It has not only changed my life… But the way i see how my children, appreciate, respond, and develop musically…and its so much FUN!

Jason F

When my wife first told me about Music Together, and how it was interactive, I reacted with some skepticism and sarcasm, because I was really afraid of having to show up and be musical in front of others.  I won't say it happened right away, but at some point I started to enjoy the classes, and then I started to look forward to them, and then to miss them when there was no class or when I couldn't go.  I have learned to love just singing out, and adding my voice to the others fully, and without fear that the result won't be good enough. You have opened such a huge door inside me by creating a safe place, and by just being who you are.  Watching you in that class is exhilarating. You share yourself so freely and completely, and that is a beautiful gift to our children and to us.

So now, I get why it's called "MusicTogether", because I see that you are fostering the love and expression of music in all of us, and I experience that every week.

Pat Hughes

I just wanted to say a big THANKYOU for all your hard work and organization of these classes.  My son Jake is 2 years old and he can hardly wait to go to music on Wednesday mornings.  I starting telling him on Tuesday that we have music tomorrow and he says "HEWO?"  "HEWO"   He says this because of the opening song "hello,  everybody,  so glad to see you...  He says HEWO and then has the biggest smile on his face.  It is so neat to see.  He is also opening up a lot at the classes.  He was so shy during the first session, but now he is really feeling comfortable and doing great.  We also listen to the CD all the time.

We have a CD player in his room and it is has a permanent home in the player!!! Your program is a blessing to each and everyone that attends!!! 

Krista Bailey

Matthew loves the Music Together® songs. While we were away this summer he even managed to invite himself to sing with a group of seniors doing karaoke. He sang  the "Betty Martin" song. I have a picture to prove it. Both Matthew and Arabella are ALWAYS singing and I believe it's a testament to The Music Together teaching. I am always telling other parents how wonderful it is.

Emily Spence

I just have to pass on some positive feedback because Claudia is absolutely immersed in Music Together!  She's singing the songs all the time and doing the movements she saw in class.  She's always asking if we're going to 'class' and can't wait to get there.  I feel like she's become this little musical being.  I'm actually shocked at how much she's changed since the last semester.  I think your program is invaluable to her and to me as an activity we can do together. 

In case I don't get a chance to tell you in class - Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. 

Lisa Trottier

I am more and more happy every term with what has been my families experience with this musical journey we are on.  I feel like it is an extension of our family, all of the families at MT, especially the ones that we have known for awhile.  I am sure you know this already as well, but Geneva is an amazing teacher!  She always is sure to include all of the kids and welcomes everyone and just makes it a very enjoyable experience for the child as well as the parent.  Just wanted to pass along some good stuff for you and your MT family! 

Lisa Papineau-Couture

Adam, Ken and I (and Ken's folks) love MT but it's more than are not only an amazing musician, Jodi, but you are so masterful at creating a meaningful and engaging multi-age class. You make it look easy but very few people can do all that minute by minute juggling that you do every lesson. I am always in awe. 

Sandie Stone

I just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time this past summer in Rebecca's class. Anushka truly enjoyed herself. The classes not only expanded her vocabulary but she now sings (well more like "babbling" in a musical tone) aloud when we are driving in the car playing the MT CD or whenever we are singing or playing music and we find her tapping her feet and clapping her hands to songs. Thank you so much. This is a wonderful program.


I just wanted to send you some feedback regarding our experience with the summer Music Together program with Marcus.  This was my first Music Together class, and, based on my friends' and colleagues' enthusiasm over MT, I had high expectations.  We were in Marcus' class, and we thought he was a magnificent instructor.  His infectious smile and open personality made the class simply a joy to attend.  Both my boys picked up so much during the 6 weeks, I am absolutely amazed.  I think this is the first program where we have attended every session. 

Thank you for bringing such a joyful program to our community, we think of you and Marcus every time we play the MT CD (which is every time we are in our van!). 

Tracy Beck

We will keep you in our hearts and voices as we sing out loud to our CDs from all of the sessions. We have completed the circle of  music together and still keep our 10 stacker full of the cds!!!! Jodi, you have been a wonderful teacher and mentor, Both Michelle and I are glad that you have been a part of or life but more importantly you have given Ella the gift of music.

Rock on Jodi! Stand Proud, Sing Loud and the music will bring us together.

Love Ella, Michelle and Doug

Thanks for all the wonderful information, now I am pumped to get to class and participate.  I will be the loudest singer and I will exaggerate everymove we make knowing my child is watching me.  I feel so blessed that I have Alex in this program and again I thank you and your staff for this extremely important work you do. 

Just a little note to let you know that we think Stephanie is an amazing facilitator and when I watch her she seem like she is having the time of her life and that I think is not a trait that is not learned but something a rare few people are born with.  The children love her and she is an extremely talented singer / flutist.

I will recommend the parents night to everyone.  I think it is very important for parents to learn about the program.

Bonnie and Alex Whidden

Emily and I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for a great 10 week semester. We have truly loved Music Together and I am constantly amazed by how much Emily picks up in class, even if it doesn't always seem like she is paying attention, and then repeats at home. From the very first few classes her favourites were "Hiiiii, Lowwwww", which she has taught every other adult who comes into our home, "Me, You, We", "Trot Old Joe" and so much more. And she has practically memorized the songs from the Bells Collection. It is really amazing. She will hear the first few notes and then start signing the words.  I had tried other classes with Emily to get her out and socializing more with other kids and we have not loved anything as much as Music Together. I love the way Music Together is set up and it really does bring out so much in the kids, and it's made me less shy about singing and dancing too. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much we really love the class.

Laurie & Emily,& her daddy, John

You have been a HUGE influence on Rowan and all of us… our life as a family is certainly all the better for knowing you and Music Together. YOU have made him the ‘rockin dude that he is, I wish you could see all the big and little ways you have formed his love of music, it is endless.


We want to pass along our thoughts on the program and specifically the instructor for our session, Marcus. We are thrilled with the program and enjoy the CDs that come with them.  Our instructor is outstanding and is really what makes the event enjoyable for both my wife and I on a weekly basis.  He engages the children in the room in an incredibly appropriate fashion that our daughter has taken really well to.  We have recommended the program and Marcus’ sessions to our friends.

Hugh Willis

Josh and I will be looking forward to a little time of our own and you guessed it, we want to spend it with you.  I really believe in the program you offer and talk it up to everyone I know.  We still listen to our other collections and anytime the hello song comes on all the kids start swaying and bouncing.  I do see it transfer to other genre of music as well so once again thank you for the opportunity you give us to help develop this skill in our children.

Michelle (and Joshua)

Olivia gets so excited every time I tell her we are going to her music class, It is by far her favourite activity that I have her registered in, and she is learning so much from the class. Every time we are in the car she asks that I play her "special music" for her, and at home she is constantly requesting dance sessions from her dad and me whenever we play the CDs (we have two now - Triangle and Fiddle - and can't wait for more!). 

In particular, I would like to commend Geneva on her music-making abilities and her teaching skills. She is incredibly interactive with the kids and is constantly finding ways to incorporate their movements and reactions to the music into the larger class. She always has control of the class, but lets the kids take the lead whenever she sees one of them doing something interesting that we all can learn from. She makes a special effort at the beginning of each class to personally greet every child and their parent and to ask how they are doing. It makes us all feel so welcome. She has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar beautifully and is such an inspiration to someone like me who is not musically gifted :-). It is obvious that she loves her work and takes personal pride in it, and I feel very blessed to have her as my daughter's music instructor. And little 6-month old Mathew feels blessed as well, as Geneva often dances with him during the free dance period if I have my hands full with Olivia. Thanks again for bringing music into our lives!


A couple of weeks ago Marcus filled in for Geneva.  Wow!  Where did you find him?  He was fantastic!  All of the MT elements were there, but he'd added so very much of his own style and flourishes the class could not help but be uplifting and fun.  His energy was unbelievable.  The class felt like such a magical experience.  Plus, now that I'm a mother of a boy, I feel it's so important for boys to see men during their day.  He can't help but be a great influence on the kids - musically and otherwise.  So, three cheers for Marcus. Now, don't get me wrong...we still love Geneva and every MT class we've taken.  You have simply proven once again that you find superb music makers for all of your classes.


I would like to thank you again for providing such a wonderful music program and one that Kelly and I enjoy very much.  I seems that no matter what venue or teacher we have it has always been a very positive and enriching experience.  We are looking forward to continued classes with Music Together.

Corrie Rogoski

My daughter, Maya, and I just attended our first music class today with Anna.  Wow, wow wow!  I am so impressed; the music is lovely, the movement is perfect, the laid back approach works so well for my daughter and Anna is so nice & has a great voice.  We were already listening to the CD on our way home & I can't wait for next week.  Well done.

Nancy Plant

I want to thank you so very much for the past 3 years of fabulous Music Together classes!  We absolutely love the music program and we have adored our instructors (Geneva and Sue)!   My children are constantly singing songs from Music Together and really look forward to attending the classes.   I feel so lucky that my family has had the chance to be a part of the Music Together family and that music has been so foundational in my children’s development.   Thank you for all you do and for your commitment to music education!

The Samm Family