Parent Education Night

Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: MT of the Northern Lights Studio (5645 Riverbend Road)

I’m sure that all of you feel that your child is naturally musical. Well, you know what? – YOU’RE RIGHT! Your child was born naturally wired to make music and Music Together® has the research to prove it! There is so much we can share with you about your child’s profound musicality, but there is no way we can cover it all in class, so this is why we have our Parent Education Night – so we can impart to you all of this juicy, fascinating information.

If you’ve never been to a Parent Education Night: I HIGHLY recommend that you attend one…If you have been to a Parent Education Night before: well…repetition is good, repetition is good repetition is good! Because if you think about it…is your child the same person s/he was from your last Parent Ed Night?... As they grow, the more there is to know!

The Parent Education Night is a wonderful opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, share the stories you’ve always wanted to share, and generally just learn the whys behind our wonderful ways!

In fact, we deem your attendance so important that every family who attends will be entered in a draw for a free semester (for 1 child)! 

So mark the day on your calendar and call it a date! And this date is like any other – it’s an adult outing. So please take advantage of this advance notice to arrange for child-care.…  “Oh Gramma!!!”…