Online Mixed-Age Family Class

Online (location info)
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
08/08/20 - 08/29/20 (4 weeks)

(for children ages 0-6yrs)

The Online Mixed-Age Family Class truly brings The Joy of Family Music® into your home. Gather the whole family together, bring your homemade instrument bin of anything in the house that shakes, bangs, rings, or clicks together and get ready to play along! We'll guide you through the songs, chants, rhythms and rhymes of the "Maracas" song collection and together we'll make music time your famlly's most precious time of the week!

Upcoming Meetings
08/08/20    10:00 AM Saturday Drop-In 08/08/20 10:00 AM Drop-In
08/15/20    10:00 AM Saturday Drop-In 08/15/20 10:00 AM Drop-In
08/22/20    10:00 AM Saturday Drop-In 08/22/20 10:00 AM Drop-In
08/29/20    10:00 AM Saturday Drop-In 08/29/20 10:00 AM Drop-In