In-Person Mixed-Age Family Class
Edmonton's Favourite Early Childhood Family Music Program
Saturday, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
09/26/20 - 12/12/20 (10 weeks)

(for children ages 0-6yrs)

We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to make Music Together® in person for all those who are craving to return to a safe social community environment. By implementing protocols including reduced class sizes, strict sanitization practices, individual family instrument baskets, mandatory masks for all adults, developmentally appropriate social distancing rules, and safe common-area traffic flow schematics, you can be rest assured that your family's safety is our top priority!  We will adhere to all government guidelines (and beyond) to give you peace of mind so you can leave your worries behind and just enjoy making Music Together with your family and community!

Educators have long considered mixed-age groupings beneficial, and Music Together® is designed with this in mind because it speaks directly to our program’s philosophy. Take away the idea of the age-delineated classroom and you take away the age-delineated agenda and expectations that come with it. The Mixed-Age Family Class encourages ALL children to participate, process, and experiment with music in whatever way is developmentally appropriate for them. It is a highly effective learning dynamic because it allows every child to personally create their own musical challenges and therefore their own successes. What a great kind of magic when you can empower a child to believe that there is nothing musical that he or she can’t do!

Upcoming Meetings
12/05/20    10:30 AM Saturday 12/05/20 10:30 AM
12/12/20    10:30 AM Saturday 12/12/20 10:30 AM