Online Big Kids Music Class

Online (location info)
Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
09/29/20 - 12/08/20 (10 weeks)


(for children ages 4.5-8.5yrs)
Music Together®’s research has recognized that one of the key elements to ensuring that your child remains a confident music-maker for the rest of his/her life is to keep him/her in an informal group music-making setting. The Online Big Kids Music Class is designed with that in mind! Through an interactive online platform, we'll faciitate a creative, non-pressured environment that will coax the strong music-maker in your child to the foreground. The Music Together Rhythm Kids music cirriculum introduces your child to basic musical theory activities that will give them a solid rhythmic and tonal foundation. Our Big Kids Music Class is the perfect place for ALL of our Division 1 learners right now. Whether they are learning online or in person - both streams are not providing an outlet for our mighty music makers to sing and move! So have no fear - our Online Big Kids Music Class is here. We are your child's safe space to sing, dance, move, learn, play, make music, make memories, and make friends!


Upcoming Meetings
10/27/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 10/27/20 1:30 PM
11/03/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/03/20 1:30 PM
11/17/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/17/20 1:30 PM
11/24/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 11/24/20 1:30 PM
12/01/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 12/01/20 1:30 PM
12/08/20    1:30 PM Tuesday 12/08/20 1:30 PM