Vanessa & Co.

Westside: Drum Room (location map)
Tue, Fri, 8:45 AM - 9:35 AM
11/24/20 - 12/18/20 (4 weeks)


Have you and at least 3 other families created a cohort and would LOVE a routine activity to gather for every week? Don't burst your safety bubble to come to class...WE'LL bring the class to YOU!  A LIVE! Music Together® class in the comfort and safety of your "bubble!" Pricing is structured the same as our in-person classes and each family will receive the Music Together song collection materials  (CD, digital access code and song/storybook). All you need is a minimum of 4 families in your cohort - decide on a consistent weekly location, day and time to meet and your instructor will arrive with everything s/he will need to make some beautiful Music Together with you and your closest mates! So if you are interested in creating your own Exclusive Bubble-Cohort Class, please contact us directly to set up the details:

Please be rest assured we recognize that WE are comming into YOUR safe space, so your instructor will follow all of the COVID-safety protocols of masking, social distancing, and instrument sanitation.

Upcoming Meetings
12/01/20    8:45 AM Tuesday 12/01/20 8:45 AM
12/04/20    8:45 AM Friday 12/04/20 8:45 AM
12/08/20    8:45 AM Tuesday 12/08/20 8:45 AM
12/11/20    8:45 AM Friday 12/11/20 8:45 AM
12/15/20    8:45 AM Tuesday 12/15/20 8:45 AM
12/18/20    8:45 AM Friday 12/18/20 8:45 AM