Class Descriptions

Online Mixed-Age Family Class

(for children ages 0-6yrs)

The Online Mixed-Age Family Class truly brings The Joy of Family Music® into your home. Gather the whole family together, bring your homemade instrument bin of anything in the house that shakes, bangs, rings, or clicks together and get ready to play along! We'll guide you through the songs, chants, rhythms and rhymes of the "Maracas" song collection and together we'll make music time your famlly's most precious time of the week!

Online Grandparents Class

(exclusivley for Grandparents and their Grandkids)

In order to protect society's most vulnerable treasures from this unforgiving virus, we can't have visits with Grandma and Grandpa like we used to. No more "Grandma Hugs" or "Grandpa Whisker Kisses" :-( 

So we want to give you a new way to give your beloved grandparents a huge "musical hug" by offering an Music Together® Online Mixed-Age Family Class exclusively for Grandparents and their Grandkids. Each registration will reserve a ZOOM spot in the class for the Grandkid's home plus additional ZOOM spots for the Grandparent's home. Both will join in on the same class link. No matter where Gramma and Grampa live - across the city, across the province, across the country or across the globe -  THE WHOLE FAMILY can meet online to make some joy-filled Music Together! Then after class, we'll leave time to break each family out into their own private "Zoom Room" to have a private family visit! It truly is the sweetest lemonade we can make from these lemons :-)

It's our way of keeping those beautifully wise and gentle wrinkles smiling while still keeping them safe and healthy <3

Online Big Kids/Div 1 Music Class

(for children ages 4.5-8.5yrs)
This class is designed to augment the Divison 1 Elementary School music cirriculum to help support parents with their child's Distance Learning homeschooling.

Music Together’s research has recognized that one of the key elements to ensuring that your child remains a confident music-maker for the rest of his/her life is to keep him/her in an informal group music-making setting. The online Big Kids/Div 1 Music Class is designed with that in mind! Through an interactive online platform, we'll faciitate a creative, non-pressured environment that will coax the strong music-maker in your child to the foreground and provide fun musical theory activities that will augment your child's Distance Learning Division 1 Music Cirriculum.