Our Classes

In the Fall, Winter & Spring we offer classes 7 days a week in 6 Edmonton & area locations.


Music Together® class is:

A place where…
…blue dinosaurs sit in trees and squeak,
…soup is made with ice cream, apples and cookies
…dogs howl, horses trot, and penguins waddle

A place where…
…the singing is louder, the dancing is goofier, the snuggles are snugglier, and the cuddles are cuddlier

A place where…
…we celebrate that every child is musical, and that every grown-up is musical, too!

A place where…
…friends are made, communities are formed, and parents fall in love with their children all over again!

Show classes for:

(for children ages 0-6yrs)

Educators have long considered mixed-age groupings beneficial, and Music Together® is designed with this in mind because it speaks directly to our program’s philosophy. Take away the idea of the age-delineated classroom and you take away the age-delineated agenda and expectations that come with it. The Mixed-Age Family Class encourages ALL children to participate, process, and experiment with music in whatever way is developmentally appropriate for them. It is a highly effective learning dynamic because it allows every child to personally create their own musical challenges and therefore their own successes. What a great kind of magic when you can empower a child to believe that there is nothing musical that he or she can’t do!

Big Kids Class

(for children ages 5-8yrs and who have attended Music Together before)

Music Together’s research has recognized that one of the key elements to ensuring that your child remains a confident music-maker for the rest of her life is to keep her in an informal group music-making setting. The Big Kids Class is designed with that in mind! In a creative, non-pressured environment, we’ll coax the strong music-maker in your child to the foreground and support your child’s musical experience as an ensemble member. 

Guitar for Grown-Ups

(for parents and caregivers who have a child registered in Music Together)

Music Together believes that the key to a child's musical learning is the joyful musical participation of the grown-ups around them. Guitar for Grown-Ups - Music Together's "learn to play guitar" method - takes that participatory model and kicks it up a notch by giving our Music Together adults the chops they need to play their child's favourite MT songs on guitar! Even if you've never played guitar before, our simplfied approach will have you playing your child's favourite songs immediatey! Just like how our mixed-age setting organically fits and challenges every child at their individual stage of musical growth, so does our Guitar for Grown-ups method. It starts exactly where you need it to and grows at whatever pace is comfortable for you, so that in no time you'll be shredding guitar like a Music Together Rock Star! (like you weren't already awesome enough in your child's eyes!)