Classroom Policies

We don't like ‘em, but we gotta have ‘em. Here are just a few little administrative ditties and classroom policies to ensure that we’re making some great Music Together®!

(for both In-Person and Online Classes)

This program is incredibly effective, and you’ll marvel at how much your child and family grow from being a part of it. BUT – you will only get out of it as much as you put into it! So cherish our classroom time together as your special music-making time with your child. Come to class leaving your inhibitions behind! Be ready to sing, dance and get goofy. Remember – your children place no judgment on your perceived musical skill – they don’t care if you can sing in tune or dance to a beat. All they care about is if you’re having a good time

Protect the Music
Protect our musical time together by making all efforts to keep talking to a minimum. Children hear talking all day long, so Music Together® time is their time to get away from it and immerse themselves in music. Please don’t deny them of that treat! They look so forward to it all week

Food and Drink
PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD INTO YOUR CLASSROOM. Snacking usually creates a chain reaction, and we don’t know what kind of allergies are lurking about, so for everyone’s safety, please keep all snacks outside of the classroom area. However, drinks are fine so long as they are in spill-proof containers.

Classroom Attire
All you really need to bring to class is your energy and enthusiasm for singing and dancing! However, it’s never a bad idea to also pack along some non-skid socks or slippers for your little ones just so they can move around safely. And for our wee ones that aren’t moving yet – bring a cozy blanket to lay him/her on. Please do not wear your outdoor shoes into any of our studio spaces – take them off at the door and place them in the boot areas provided. We ask you to do this not only so that we can be courteous and respectful of the policies of the spaces we rent, but also and especially so that we can keep the floors as clean as possible for our little music makers that are still crawling.

Dirty Diapers
Most of our locations do not have other programs for wee ones, so they don’t have an effective diaper disposal policy in place. With this in mind, we ask that you take dirty diapers with you and dispose of them outside of the studio.

Strollers & Car Seats
Unless it is an absolute necessity, we kindly ask that you leave your stroller outside the classroom area. Because they are so bulky, they really cut in to our free movement space. However, car seats are fine – but there’s one rule – if your little one is in a car seat, make sure you place him/her next to you so s/he can be a part of the circle. Our babies are integral to the dynamic of the class, so we want them to be in on the action, not sitting on the sidelines.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, school-age siblings and friends are ALWAYS welcome! No need to ask permission! Our classroom’s aim is to be an extension of your living room so invite anyone to class that you would invite to your home. However, if your guest is bringing a little one, that will factor into the “kid count” of the class so please let us know ahead of time.

We ask that everyone just be mindful of the fact that there are babies and expectant mothers in most of our classrooms. Therefore, when deciding whether or not to stay home due to a gucky nose or a yucky cough, please base your decision on the side of caution. You are allowed unlimited make-up classes each semester for this very reason -- so that everyone stays healthy, and acts in the best interest of their classroom’s community. (PS: We clean our instruments with a 100% natural disinfectant and fungicide called Benefect)


COVID-19 Cancellation Refund Policy (applicaple only to 2020 Spring Semester registrations received before March 14, 2020)

As per the announcement that ws sent out in April, all Spring semester tuition payments received before March 14, 2020 have been allocated as an account credit and can be redeemed AT ANY TIME (coupon code details were emailed out to all eligible families).

We are deeply sorry, but we cannot offer any refunds at this timeThe extreme financial burden of the pandemic has left us with such a limited cashflow that all we have the budget for right now is to honour our services promised. You will indeed receive what you paid for, whenever the time is right for you. But we cannot honour any cash refunds.

The only option we can offer is to grant cash refunds (minus a $25 cancellation fee) after December 2020 when we have begun to financially recover from all of this. Should you choose this option, please get in touch with us at that time.

We are deeply sorry for all of this, and humbly ask your forgiveness and patience. We cannot express how grateful we are that you decided to stay with us, and if you continue to stick with us, I promise we will make it worth your while. 

We truly are all in this together, and I can't think of a better way to get through this than by making soul-soothing, anxiety-breaking, socially-healing