Start from the Heart Creative Arts Pre-School Program

in partnership with 3rd Street Beat 
@ the 3SB Creative Youth Centre 13883 156 ST NW
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Mission Statement: Creating a warm and welcoming learning environment for toddlers to express themselves and build confidence through our unique and fun creative performing arts programs
Vision: To be the leading platform venue for young minds to grow into future leaders by offering the widest variety of performing arts and creative and exploratory courses for tots across Western Canada.
Who: Start From the Heart is a creative arts Pre-school program created and operated by 3rd Street Beat performing arts and Music Together of the Northern Lights. 
What do we offer: Start From the Heart focus primarily on offering creative and fine arts courses for youth ages 3/4 and 4/5. 


Visual Art and Painting - (30 mins) Introduction to painting and drawing as well as hand to eye coordination. Kids will go through a curriculum of learning Letters and number systems expressed through artwork and stylization focusing on teamwork and freedom of expression.

Creative Movement and Dance - (30 mins) Introduction to rhythmic movement and coordination through Jazz and Hip Hop disciplines set to urban pop and children’s music

Music and Song - (30 mins)- introduction to music theory and teamwork through song and rhythm taught through the Music Together® curriculum to increase confidence, social awareness and early skill development.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday (ages 3/4)- 9am-11:30am
(ages 4/5)- 9am- 11:30am


Pre-School Director/Manager - Joni Bohkenfohr - provided by 3sb/Music Together
Art and Painting instructor - Sadie Thompson
Creative Movement and Dance - Sadie Thompson, Lindsey Shorey
Music and Song instructor - Jodi Howard, Lindsey Shorey

Partners/Owners - Luke Geldert, Jodi Howard, Mark Ward


$275/month- three days/week- Mon/Wed/Fridays
Registration FEE (one time setup)- $35.00
Supplies kit Fee (paid twice annually)- $100.00
Pay Period- September through June

  • Payment is made in post dated checks for the 1st of every month and goes from September- June. Upon cancellation, client loses first and last months payment. No full refunds are given after the first month of classes.